Wednesday, 21 January 2015


A very cold and icy day yesterday but it felt considerably warmer come the evening.  The car didn't agree, telling me there was danger of ice.  Honestly.  It pops a wee message on the screen.  Quite cute.  Now, early morning, there's no frost but it feels extremely cold.  I think the wind has got up a bit abd that does make a difference.  Thank goodness there's no playground duty for me for the rest of the week.

Well, gizmo day went well.  It's definitely a big help and I coped with a meeting without cupping a hand around an ear and looking hopeless once.  Amazing, for me, really great.  They're now all charging up for today - or, hopefully, are already charged up for today!  I'm really rather thrilled but will have to get used to the increase in noise.  I felt a bit bombarded yesterday but my brain will soon start sorting things out again, I am sure.

Today, being Wednesday, is the busy and interesting day.  Violins, for a start, and also PPA in the afternoon.  No library this week though.

Hope the day all goes well for us all.



Annabeth said...

I take it gizmo is an enhancement for a hearing aid?? Glad it works though.

Joy said...

It's an enhancement to support my hearing, separate from my aids but working with them. For the first time in a lifetime I only had to ask a child to repeat something because of lack of clarity, not because I didn't hear.
J x

joanygee said...

Looks like the electronic wizardry is working well. Jx