Sunday, 4 January 2015


Well, what a dull, gloomy, chilly, wet day it was yesterday, to be sure.  From dawn to dusk there was not a hint of sunshine and I was, as always, glad for indoor light and warmth.  Through the day it was getting chillier and chillier too and by the evening there was a real nip to the air.  Right now it feels jolly cold and it is a little foggy so there might be quite a lot of white soon (frost, I mean, not snow).  It's hard to tell right now.  Anyway, I've been a softy and turned the heating up!

After deciding on my new car, part of which included a part exchange for my current car (not a lot but more than I expected given the problems), I dug out my car file and set to to organise it and to find the documents they need.

My goodness, what a collection of documents.  I had every single insurance document with accompanying paperwork, almost every single bill/receipt/list of work done, every MOT certificate, everything received from the AA/RAC (not at the same time) plus goodness knows what else.  Much is now shredded and I have a whopping big pile of 'history' to hand on.  I bet most of that doesn't go much further than the bin and I guess I ought to be nice and get it all in chronological order.
It may have been a little disorganised, but it was all there.

Ignoring the wet, I trundled on into town yesterday after carefully considering where to park.  My poor old Peugeot doesn't do hills very well now, like her owner, and most of the in-town car parks involve ramps/slopes.  I got a space in a short stay park that involved a bit more walking but not much and did all that was needed.  I did pop into Lakeland and bought some loaf tin liners and some Astonish and then on to Boots to stock up on hearing aid batteries.  I like to keep a good supply in but was on my last pack so it was getting a bit essential that I get some more.

Once home, I had a go at making potato bread - proper loaves, not tattie scones.  It involved a bit of manipulating and guesswork but it was OK and the resulting loaves are lovely.  The flavour isn't too different but it's a very soft bread that lasts several days before starting to go stale (I gather).  A good way of using up leftover mash.

I also made a recipe that I found on another blog and have written about it in my other blog, here.  Brussels Sprouts Hash doesn't sound all that exciting but, actually, it was really scrummy and I'm going to make it again today but with additions.  I think I will add sweet potato and mushroom and, possibly, parsnips, sprinkle grated cheese over the top of the finished dish and I have some bread that needs using up so I shall make some garlic bread to have with it.

Apart from making dinner for me, Beth and Alex, I will need to work today.  The holiday is over in all but name.  Shame!  It has been a lovely fortnight but, as they say, all good things must end.

And now it's time for coffee (the first of the day!).


joanygee said...

Although I've had enough of sprouts for a while, the recipe seems one to keep for another time. Jx

Joy said...

It is much nicer than it sounds, Joan. I will be making it again soon. Roasted sprouts are quite different to boiled sprouts and I love both ways. I understand why some folks are a bit over-sprouted right now though!
J x