Saturday, 10 January 2015


So - the great day has arrived.  Only the fifth day of this kind I have ever experienced and maybe there won't be another one for me.  In fact, I am rather hoping there won't.  I'm not sure my (by then) aged nerves would stand the stress!!!  I want this new babe to last for ever!
There have to be people like me who tend to hang on to their cars until they are worth nothing and dying on their wheels!  Surely . . . ?

Anyway, by the time I write again, I will have a new one. . .
I am seriously considering seeing if my garage can be organised enough to house a smaller car.  Beth will realise how significant that is!

And then I am thinking of celebrating the new addition to the family with a bottle of reasonable quality sparkly stuff come this evening.  I love sparkly stuff.  No, I won't be breaking the bottle over the bodywork - that has always struck me as a ridiculous waste of good bubbles.

Yesterday was a super day. I'm not sure the children realised that it 'ought not' to have been me but they worked hard in maths and in English (yes, it is now called 'English' again, not 'literacy', thank goodness, I always disliked that name) and much enjoyed Golden Time and outdoor games.

I don't know if other teachers would agree but, to me, there is something rather special about the first Friday evening in a new term.  The heartfelt sigh of relief as you unlock your door and dump the weekend work in a corner knowing that it won't be touched again that evening, the delight as you open the Friday wine bottle, the enthusiasm with which you switch off the alarm clock . . . is there anything better?  I really enjoyed yesterday evening!


Sonja said...

Yes, the day has arrived - how exciting and what a great idea that you have planned a few outings and things to really try the car out. Dimensionswise it is not so different to your current car, is it, so that will help, I am sure. :o)
Yes, I drive my car until it falls apart - I think it is probably the only way to not lose so much money on them, if you see what I mean. Our car is very much a part of us and our 'home', too.
Have a wonderful day! :o)

Diane said...

How exciting your new baby home at last and I agree with you about the bubbles best place is in a glass.

Chrissie said...

Sounds like a great evening... I enjoyed my Friday after work beer too!

Hope you have a lovely day introducing yourself to the new car ;-)

Joy said...

Sonja - it's a little smaller, the boot noticably so buit I intended to go smaller this time anyway - a small family car rather than a medium family car as my babes are both grown up and independent!

Ten minutes to go and I'm off. I've just taken the 'car stuff' to the garage ready to replace it (some of it anyway) when I get home.

Might get the bubbles before I come home! :-)
J x

joanygee said...

I never get the chance to hang on to cars much past their 3rd year. D has always said that a car is for sale again the moment it is brought home. I've grown used to it and no need to worry about an MOT. Hope you enjoy your celebration! Jx

Joy said...

:-) I know a lot of people think like that but I can't.
J x