Tuesday, 13 January 2015


It feels so mild at stupid o'clock this Tuesday morning.  No chilly nose and toes!  Almost no need for a dressing gown.  It's a bit breezy in the garden and there's rain in the air so it is very damp but so very mild.  OK by me.  I love snow but there's no indication that there's any on the way and without snow freezing cold is rather pointless really!

Yesterday went well.  The usual lessons followed up with a meal out at the Hare with J and L.  We should have gone last week but it didn't work out so yesterday was the day.  On the way out it was lashing with rain which made for glare and dazzle so not all that pleasant but it had calmed down by the end of the meal.

As usual at this time we exchanged gifts and we had all chosen plants, funnily enough.  It was also funny, I think, how the plants typified us.  J's gifts were beautiful, elegant, royally coloured lilac and purple.  L's was fragrant narcissi to plant in a bowl that was pretty and sparkly.  Mine was more rustic - spring flowers in a wicker basket with a jar of home made preserves on the side.
All were practical as the plants can go into the garden for ongoing pleasure!

After all that I slept like a log!

Today is a full day with my class.  The usual subjects in the morning followed by swimming in the afternoon (no, I don't take that lesson) and finishing off with the Meet The Teacher meeting after school.  I think I will get a lunch break today as there's nothing extra to prepare for the afternoon.

I'd better take a look-see at the lesson planning.  There's plenty of time this morning.

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