Thursday, 22 January 2015


Yesterday was interesting.

First of all, while I woke naturally and early, I had problems in getting going and at one point went back to bed and fell asleep so it was rather a rush to get out.  No idea why that was.  Most unusual for me.

Then, just as I loaded the trolley into the car, it started snowing.  For a while we had real, proper, big flake snow.  Very wet, of course, but it snowed so hard it started settling with the natural result that the children came in hyper!  It didn't last, of course.  We had more flurries through the morning but that was it - cold and very wet.

It was second gizmo-day and I am more and more impressed as the days pass.  Yesterday the only time I needed to have something repeated was due to poor articulation, not because I didn't hear.  I heard just about everything in staff meeting although it was all rather too loud so I need to adjust settings.  It's going well.

I was so tired again come the evening and really didn't do half the things I should have done so there will be some catch up housework over the weekend.  However, I was very pleased to get the remaining road tax refund for the 306 and it was more than I had expected.  That was good.

Today is pretty well a full day's teaching with an hour out for coordinator time and forty five minutes for mentoring.  Not bad at all.

AND . . . it's roughly half way throught the school year this week  because the Autumn term is longer and the spring term shorter.
Scary thought!

There's another hard frost this morning but no more snow.  I keep waiting for it to warm up and it doesn't.  Never mind, the cold is good for the soil and good for the weeds - getting shot of them, I mean.

Coffee time!  Have a great day!


Chrissie said...

Sounds like the gizmos are great - glad they work so well for you! My Mum's OH has hearing aids he'll hardly ever wear because he says everything's too loud (except when I'm there as I apparently have a really quiet voice so he can't even tell IF I'm speaking otherwise - let alone what I'm saying) but he's a bit of a technophobe and I think also has that macho man thing about admitting he needs any help.

Joy said...

Could be. They're very helpful and are making a real dfifference in the classroom.
J x