Tuesday, 20 January 2015


Brrr - there's another hard frost outside.  No snow, just hard frost.  We did actually have a slight flakage over Sunday night which looked very pretty yesterday morning.   By slight I mean something reminiscent of icing sugar lightly sieved over a cake.  You could see individual flakes.  That sort of slight.

The children, of course, were excited and full of how they were going to make snowmen at playtime.  However, when the time came they soon gave up as there wasn't enough for a fairy snowball, let alone a snowman.  It doesn't seem fair that some places have had consideravble snowfall.  I'm sure we would appreciate it just as much down here.

In other news, I think I mentioned that before Christmas I had an 'Access to Work' meeting which resulted in a report and part-funding for various bits of gizmory to support my aging hearing!  The stuff came late on Friday and apart from opening the box, taking out various smaller boxes and looking at them in bewilderment, nothing was done.
Yesterday I had a head to head with our ICT technician and there are now four bits of stuff waiting to be used, having been charged up overnight.

I'll let you know.

Today is a full day's teaching, no assemblies, swimming in the afternoon.  And a meeting after school.  Busy, busy!  Have a good one yourself.


joanygee said...

This ice set me remembering the long 'shot ice' slides we used to make in the junior school playground. Doubt such things would be allowed today, but we had lots of fun (and kept warm). Jx

Joy said...

Oh, I remember that one. The head used to give us about half an hour and then went out the the kettle and salt!
J x