Monday, 19 January 2015


It was a jolly chilly day yesterday.  It's odd how it can feel colder (or milder) than it really is and, for me, yesterday was definitely on the chilly side.  The car was frosting over by six thirty p.m.

It wasn't chilly in the kitchen though.  I did two loads of bread, one white and one half and half white/wholemeal.  From it I got three little loaves (one does me for around a week) and three sausage rolls.  The rolls were nice, very nice, but I think I would prefer it as a sausage meat burger really.  One loaf went with me round to Beth's for tea yesterday to wrap round some home baked ham (yum)

After saying I wasn't making anything else with the sausage meat, I had enough of the pepped up mix to make six little meatballs so I did.  I made a sauce with veg and some roasted tomato passata from the freezer, made with last summer's tomatoes.  I added some rice and it's made a very tasty (and large) meal for today.  Maybe even two meals, one when I eat the meatballs and one as a vegetable thingy with maybe some added chick peas or something.  It looks big enough in the systema bowl that will carry it to school.  These soup mugs and bowls are all the fashion at school right now!

The rest of the sausage meat is now wrapped and frozen.

The carrot and lentil soup made in Thermione was also tasty:  thick and warming but missing some celery.  I used it all up, of course, making the cream of celery soup yesterday.  Never mind, good soup is good soup, whatever the recipe.

I still have three carrots to deal with but they will just have to wait.

That was yesterday.  Today is back to school, of course.  It's flippin' cold of course, but school is well heated and, if by any chance the heating fails, we all have hot air blowers to remedy things.  And I'm not on morning play duty this half term.  No complaints about that.  I wonder if we will get snow this week.


joanygee said...

You've reminded me of when the heating failed. All children were sent home. There was one fan heater in the staffroom. Of course the Head had one heater to himself in his room. All staff had to put in a full day! Jx

Joy said...

Typical! If it's too cold for the children it is too cold for staff too.
J x