Thursday, 15 January 2015


Another fantastic night.  I don't know what I'm doing right but it must be something.  Tuesday night was at least ten hours and last night was not far behind.  A great relief after last week's on-off-on-off nights.

It got colder and colder as the day progressed but the expected wind didn't materialise.   It doesn't seem so bad now either although I have to admit I haven't actually gone out, just peered through the window with its raindrop decoration into the blackness.

Yesterday I forgot to mention something funny.  We were doing a science assessment and one of the questions was 'How might medicines be dangerous?'   There was a range of responses but my favourite and the one I will always remember is 'if you drop it on yoru (sic) foot'.  Bless!

I've been asking around about iPods and similar.  I also asked at school and a friend there will help me to understand whatever I get.  Isn't that great?  A huge relief because it means whatever I decide to get, I will be able to use it - always a techy fear for me.  It's not nice feeling' iggerant'.

I'm still in love with my new car.  Yesterday I discovered that the lights are automatic.  By that I mean that when it is dark and I turn on the engine the dipped lights come on automatically.  No chance of driving away without lights (and yes, I have done that once or twice in the past, to my shame).  After investigation, it seems that it won't go to main beam on automatic, you have to switch the lights on in the usual way but wow, what a safety feature!

And, while it doesn't have a heated front windscreen, the demister/defroster is extremely efficient.  No complaints there!

Today is almost a full day's teaching.   I love full days of teaching.

And now I need another coffee . . .


Diane said...

Glad you have friends who can help with the tech stuff I must admit things are moving on so fast now I am having difficulty keeping up with stuff.

Joy said...

Me too. Getting further and further behind!
J x