Saturday, 31 January 2015


Yet again, it is very cold this morning.  There's a heavy frost and on top of yesterday's dampness the roads are likely to be bad at the moment.

As you saw, we finally got snow.  Not loads but more than the dismal less-than-1cm's worth it looked as if it would be early morning.  It had stopped by the time I left for school and was already slushing on the roads and pathways but it remained at the edges and on the field and it gave the children a glorious playtime.  Most had come with boots and so were allowed on the field.  I guess they reckoned the fuss fore and aft was worth it.  I'm not sure I did!

The cold has landed.  I haven't had one for a long time so can hardly complain and at least it's had the decency to arrive at the weekend so, hopefully, all the aches and pains will disappear before Monday.  They'd better, anyway.


Diane said...

Joy I hope you are not headed for this nasty winter disease that has struck so many it is a real bummer and seems to last forever. I do envy the kid the snow though.

Joy said...

I don't think so, Diane, it just feels like a cold. I know you've been really poorly with it and James too. Take care.
J x

Annabeth said...

Keeping everything crossed that it'll pass quickly. Take care Ax

Joy said...

Thanks. You take care too.

J x