Friday, 16 January 2015


Last day of the working week and then we're a third of the way through the half term.  Woo hoo!  It felt flippin' cold yesterday although I don't think it was really, it was mainly wind chill.  The infant teachers were in the playgound after school supervising while other year groups had their 'meet the teacher' times and brrrrr, that wind really made us shiver.  At the moment it feels chilly but there's no frost.

Another fantastic night's sleep.  I could get used to this, I truly could.

Today is interesting.  I'm starting a block of lessons on Aborigine art and very much looking forward to it too.  Outdoor games this afternoon doesn't create quite so much pleasure in my mind but never mind, fresh air is always welcome.

And then it is the weekend.  Nice!  I might take Shadow (yes, I have succumbed and given the new car a name) out on a longer drive around Chelmsford and beyond, just for the fun of it.

Have a good day, gentle readers.


joanygee said...

Aborigine culture is fascinating, isn't it? The Dream Time and Going walkabout. Hoping your Aborigine art lessons go well. Jx

Joy said...

It really is fascinating. The children loved the first lesson which involved looking at art and identifying symbols.
J x