Sunday, 18 January 2015


Well, after all yesterday's plans, I didn't really do very much.  I was busy with something else in the morning and when I got home early afternoon I didn't have the heart (OK, so I was lazy!).

I did, however, make a version of the cream of celery soup that was featured on last week's Food and Drink (the keep it simple episode, I think it was called).  Although I needed to change a few bits and bobs to match what I had in the house, it was extremely delicious and is one I will most certainly make again without any doubt.  I've blogged about it here.

After such a lazy day and after another great night's sleep, I decided I MUST do more today.  So, at present, there are two different lumps of dough on the rise and some finely chopped onions in the frying pan, slowly sauteing away into softness.  This is to mix into the sausage meat, probably alongside some smoked paprika before using it to stuff some 'real' sausage rolls.
I'm doing two types of bread because when I looked in the freezer I was right out of bread and that would never do!

I've also peeled some very manky carrots, some for a spiced carrot and lentil soup and some to freeze in chucks for roasting at another time and yet more to chop and freeze for soups and casseroles, etc.  Yes, there were a lot of carrots.  I have no idea what possessed me to buy so many!

After some thought I decided not to make the sausage meat pie or the meatballs with the leftover sausage meat.  I will just freeze it in little patties for use another time.  I just thought it would be daft, seeing as I am trying to use up a load of home made frozen ready meals, not add to them at the moment!  I am, as mentioned above, making the sausage rolls though!  The rest can wait.  The soups will provide me with either a school meal or an evening meal, depending on how I feel.  One seems to be as filling as the other so they can interchange.

Have a splendid day, whatever the weather.  No proper snow here although we did have a wet snow shower that lasted about one minute yesterday morning.  Maybe you have been more lucky.

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