Wednesday, 14 January 2015


I must have a very clear conscience right now.  I went to bed soon after seven last night because I couldn't keep my eyes open, fully expecting to wake at around one ready to face the new day.  I did momentarily waft into consciousness at around that time for a trip down the landing but then pulled the extra cover over my quilt and promptly fell asleep again.  I did wake properly at about three, read for half an hour and then fell asleep again, finally getting up just before five.  Amazing!  I feel great too.

It may have got colder (at least it felt so in the middle of the night) but no snow.  It was vaguely forecast as a possibility but there's no sign of anything remotely resembling a snowflake.  Rarely do we get anything like 'severe' weather here (except for heat) which is good when it comes to wind and rain but not so fantastic where snow is concerned.  OK, so that is good too really but . . . I love snow.

It was another good day yesterday.  The children enjoy their swimming lessons and come back smelling of exercise, enjoyment and  - chlorine, of course!

Today is what I call the 'odd' day.  It's lovely, the children enjoy the variety, but just odd.  We start off with reading revelry, then they have their violin lesson followed by library this week (library happens every other week).  Then I teach for an hour - always maths.  The afternoon is PPA time and the children have music and RE or PSHE.    Lots of interest and variety but, for me as their teacher, just 'odd'.  That's not quite the right word because I enjoy it too but I can't think of the better word.

I don't have much preparation either but I'd better look over what I do need to do before my next coffee.  Have a safe and warm day, whatever the weather chooses to throw around.


Diane said...

From the weather map it looks like we will be missing the snow but it is quite cold. Like you I love the snow but only when it is freshly fallen not when it has turned to grey slush.

Joy said...

Grey slush isn't snow though! Quite a different animal!
< grins >
J x