Saturday, 10 January 2015


Good morning.  Round here yesterday was a very blustery day with some strong winds and some very heavy showers.  This morning it is really rather cold so, early as it is, I have turned up the heating.  Today I woke at around three, which is really absolutely ridiculous and I am hoping I can get another hour in soon before getting up properly and starting the day.

So - I have my new babe and I realise I haven't really said very much about her.  So here we go.

It's another Peugeot, a 208 Style.  I got on so well with my 306 I wanted another Peugeot if at all possible.  It is four months old and had 3 (yes, three) on the mileometer.  However, it's counted as second hand because it was bought as a quota car, initially owned by the garage.  I got a chunk off for 'depreciation' and then another chunk off because it was a saleroom car so it was a fantastic bargain and, for this if for nothing else, I consider myself very, very lucky.

The only thing I would have chosen differently was the colour but there wasn't any choice in the matter!  Dark grey is OK

The road tax for the 306 was £140 last year.  For the 208 it is £20.  So she's already starting to pay for herself, so to speak.

That's about it really.  I enjoyed driving yesterday for the first time in quite a while which says it all.

Apart from that it was a lazy day with a snooze.


Sonja said...

Sounds absolutely great and lovely to hear that you enjoyed driving - it's great, isn't it. :o)
To get such a lovely car with a sizeable chunk off the price is amazing - you did really well.
What a difference in tax, my goodness!
Have a lovely day.

Annabeth said...

Sounds as if you managed to grab yourself a real bargain - well done, it's all about the right time, right place.

Happy motoring!

Joy said...

I think that's exactly it, Annabeth! I've just happily driven to B&Q to get things I needed but had avoided because there's some busy roads to negotiate and the 306 would have struggled. And it's nice to have a working sound system again. Classic FM is great to drive to!
J x

joanygee said...

Pre-reg cars can be good value, that's what I try to get. Hoping you have many happy times in your new to you car. Jx

Joy said...

Thanks, Joan. I'm sure I will!
J x