Saturday, 24 January 2015


Well, it was supposed to warm up considerably overnight and I suspect it did because I was vaguely aware of feeling hot at times, but it was pretty chilly when I first awoke this morning and I pulled over the extra cover to compensate!  I've been following forecasts and, while views vary, it seems we might be in for more chill in the next few weeks.  Well, the forecasters can argue and discuss weather models, high pressure, low pressure, fingers of whatever, weather bombs, and so on but the fact remains that what will come will come and no argument in the world will change that!

Yesterday felt like a very long day.  I'm not sure why.  Perhaps it was because it was Friday.  It went OK, it just seemed to go on and on and on.  As it was sunny and fine, we got our outdoor games and I kept them moving all the time so they finished the session glowing warm.  I didn't!

I was planning to go into town today but I'm not sure I really feel like it.  It's not urgent and half term is coming up in three weeks so I think I will follow my nose and stay at home.  Ironing is a warming activity and, goodness knows, there's plenty of that!   Later on in the afternoon I might wander out to Staples or Office World to get some ink for the printer and some new filing cabinet inserts, mine being in a shocking condition now.  Or I might do that tomorrow morning.  At least I am now free from the worry that the car might break down!

Then there's the Saturday bread to make, the kitchen to tidy, some washing to do and some veg to use up.  Enough to keep a lazy teacher gainfully occupied, for sure.  And, of course, there's the Saturday coffee to enjoy!


joanygee said...

Definitely warmer here, no need to defrost car windscreens. Just now, everywhere is free of ice, and welcome it is. Camellias have begun to flower. Jx

Joy said...

Lovely. It's been bright here all day and the thermometer says five but in the wind it feels rather less. With the sun shining in, it feels nice and warm inside without the radiators though!
J x