Monday, 12 January 2015


Good morning.  If feels pretty mild this morning although it was cold yesterday, despite the sun, with a stiff breeze that made it feel a lot colder than it really was.  Perhaps the wind has died down.

I had a drive out, taking the car to B&Q for some granular salt and a replacement flushing thing for my loo.  It was great.  All smooth and speedy and no worries about whether I could get away fast enough.  I could feel the tension trickling away as I drove and it is all starting to feel nice and natural.  I worked out how to tune to Classic FM - well, the car worked it out and I pushed the tick!!!  I then worked out how to change the time which was annoying me by being an hour fast.  And then, from time to time through the day I browsed through the handbook.  It's a bit complicated at times and I have to try a few things to see.

You can tell it's new - while I was in B&Q I saw they had 'boot bags' so I got one!!!  Well, I didn't want bits of granular salt all over the boot, now did I?  The shopping bags are now out of the garage and in the boot and it doesn't look tidy but no-one can see it.  Then I used one of my soft cloths (from the 306) and polished everything on the dashboard!  I wonder how long that will last for!

Unfortunately, in the afternoon I had an attack of the 'runs' (sorry for TMI) so cancelled Beth and Alex coming for tea.  I think it was the right decision although it did all clear up after a while.  I have no idea whatsoever what started that but there you go - better yesterday than overnight.  I've had a great night's sleep.

As it doesn't have a CD player, I am umming and ahing about an iPod or similar which I can connect to the sounds system.  Unfortunately I know absolutely nothing about them so am scrabbling around in the dark.  Any info, links, etc, would be gratefully received.

And now it is a new school week.  That calls for a second coffee, I think.  Have a good one, whatever the weather where you are.


Chrissie said...

I do have an ipod connector in my car, but so far never use it- I'm too hooked on Classic FM myself! Although the adverts sometimes drive me loopy. Can't tell you much about it as the car came with all the bits it needed, except that it works really well and obviously saves you from the adverts plus any pieces you really don't want to hear (I'm not a fan of opera myself and would be much happier if they'd just stick to orchestral music)

Diane said...

I have a small device which allows you to tune your radio into the same frequency as the iPod which is great. However a lot of more modern cars allow for a direct plug in. iPods are wonderful as they hold so much music as well as films and photos. It does however mean that you would need to download music from your computer.

Joy said...

Mine has a direct plug in - that's why I want to get something that I can use to play my music, you see. Is downloading easy?
J x

Diane said...

Yes often it is just a case of drag and drop as you would make a playlist.

Joy said...

Er . . . right . . . eeeeek!
J x

Anonymous said...

If you want any advice about downloading your CDs to and from your computer just email me and I'll probably be able to walk you through it. Just as long as you don't play ABBA when I'm in the car. (Cider Lass)