Friday, 9 January 2015


. . . and for the first time in many, many years, I am officially taking my own class on a Friday.

For a long time now, Friday has been my SEN day.  Protected out of class time to fulfil my SENCo role (part of it, anyway!).  With the hand over to our new (and absolutely amazing) full time SENCo, that has now stopped.  Do I mind?  Well, I don't think I do really.  I am a creature of habit, all the more so as I get older, so today it feels odd.  Just odd, not sad.  Changes can be unsettling, but this one feels OK.

Yesterday was quite a day, weather wise.  It was OK early morning, so OK that I pootled out in the nearly-night to clear out my car as I had time and it was fine.  It didn't take as long as I expected as it was less messy than I thought.  Yes, it looked messy because of all the shopping bags (which I never remember to take into the shop but that's another story) but once they were all in one bag and the bits and bobs had been binned it was OK.  There's a few things that need to go into the garage and a bag of items that will go into the new car - cloths, de-icer, first aid box, etc - and that's about it. I've even remembered to take off the tax disc as they no longer need to be displayed.  So today will be the last time I will drive her to school and home again, the penultimate journey before abandoning her at the Peugeot garage tomorrow.

I got side tracked there, didn't I?  The day started fine enough although, as light dawned it remained extremely dull and dark.  Just before school started the heavens opened.  Just as the children were walking to school, of course, so several of them came in looking like drowned rats!  It stayed like that most of the morning so playtime was a washout!  It did clear at lunchtime although, so out they all went for some fresh air and much needed exercise.

After the break they all piled back in for a super science lesson.  I can say 'super' because I didn't plan it, just delivered it.  The children enjoyed it, I enjoyed it, they learnt new things and worked together well.  One ticked off the list there.

I was intending to go for a meal in the evening with my two friends, J and L, but as it happened one of us couldn't make it, so it has been rescheduled for Monday.  Something to look forward to although I shall be rather a gadabout next week as I'm out another evening too.

I haven't looked, but it doesn't feel too cold this morning and I'm hoping it will remain like that as I have outdoor games with my class for the first time, more or less, for years.  Something to get used to.

And now I must say goodbye and look at the day's planning, making sure everything is ready.  I could do it in the evening but I know from experience that if I do I still 'need' to check it all over in the morning again, so I don't bother about the evening any more.  May as well make use of the fact that I am an early bird!

Have a great Friday.


Diane said...

I'm glad I am not the only one who keeps shopping bags in the car and then forgets to take them into the shop!!!

Joy said...

I think most of us do, Diane. Maybe that ought to be my new year resolution!!! :-)
J x