Saturday, 17 January 2015


Welcome to a very chilly Saturday morning.  There's a fair old frost outside at the moment and if it stays, I shall go out to see how quickly the de-mister/de-icer thingy works in the car.  It did rather well with the fogged up windscreen yesterday evening so I live in hope.  The 306 windscreen had to be wiped because it took so, so long to clear.

Yesterday was a very mixed day.  Great school, not so great things happening in other areas.  No, I won't say what as it is not my story to tell, but it is pretty upsetting.

Today, being Saturday, involves such things as bread making, bed changing, washing, drying, ironing and so on.  Not housework as my lovely cleaners worked their magic yesterday so all is shiny-clean.

My blog friend, Diane, talked about how she made some real sausage rolls yesterday - that is sausage meat inside bread rolls.  They looked so delicious I bought some sausage meat and intend to have a go myself.  Beth won't be able to have any but Alex and I certainly will.

I'm not doing badly at making inroads into the contents of the freezer.  There is a long way to go still but I have been taking soups or casseroles in for school lunches and that's helping as well as saving me some cash.  On the other hand, not so frugal but very convenient, I have been using packets of pre-cooked rice to have with the casseroles while the weather is so dark, dismal and cold.  I suppose they are not that expensive in themselves, Morrisons own being about half the price of Uncle Ben, or whatever it is, but even so . . .
However, convenience can be very helpful.

Once I have made the real sausage rolls there will be some pepped up sausage meat left so I want to make something from a book called the Pennywise Cookbook.  It was one of those that the milkman used to sell decades ago and had some brilliant recipes.  Anyway, it involves a base of sausage meat covered with a layer of onions, tomatoes and then cheesy mash on top and I remember it as being very tasty indeed.
Actually, thinking about it, it might have been in another of the same ilk, Make a Meal with Cheese.  I have both books upstairs (one original, one found on Amazon to replace), I just have to find them!  Might be harder than it sounds.

As well as that I have some manky old veg and intend to make some soups.  Thermione is willing and ready and soup is just the thing on a cold winter day.

Sounds like a full day really, doesn't it?  Better get going with - yes, you've guessed it - a mug of coffee.  Can't manage without coffee!!!


Diane said...

I used up my leftover sausage meat by making small balls and adding a tomato sauce and served over spaghetti. When I next have a go I thought I would try adding a hard boiled quails egg to the centre of the sausagemeat.

Joy said...

Great idea. Or mabe some cheese to melt. I want to try a few rolls after seeing yours but I could also make a few meatballs. After all, it is just me!

J x

joanygee said...

You've reminded me of the Dutch version, they are called worstenbroodje. Jx

Joy said...

I couldn't even pronounce that, let alone spell it! :-)
J x