Thursday, 8 January 2015


It was a very mild night and I was very cosy and comfortable without the extra cover.  I prefer that as I don't like a heavy weight of covers.  After a busy and exciting (for me) day yesterday I was so very tired that I was asleep not long after eight and, therefore, wide awake at three this morning.  Never mind, it gives me an opportunity to catch up with a few bits and bobs.

So - what was exciting?

First of all there was an email from the Peugeot garage to say that the internet payment had come through, as had the (free) seven day temporary insurance.  That means that the car is now mine apart from the registration, which we will do on Saturday morning.

Then a couple of us went to the Infant Music Festival meeting after school.  OK, so not necessarily exciting as such, but it's the first time I've been involved in the Infant Festival, although I have done my share with the Junior Festival many times in the dim and distant past!  It was interesting.

Two parcels arrived at school. One was my new diary, page to a day, reduced in the sale.  Cheapskate that I am, I always wait until after New Year before getting my new diary.  The other was some Lakeland things including two very substantial oven liners.  Over Christmas I was rather shocked at the state of the bottom of my ovens and remembered that mum has these liners and speaks highly of the time saving.  These are so substantial, they should last for years and years.

Then, finally, before Christmas I had a meeting with an Access to Work assessor (relating to my hearing loss) and the report came through yesterday.  It should not be long before I have a few gizmos that ought to make life a lot easier in the classroom!  That is extremely exciting for me!

With all that going on, plus the everyday stuff as well, no wonder I was tired!!!

I've just had my morning toast which was the last few slices of the loaf of potato bread.  It was good bread, soft, yet easy to slice and I shall work on the recipe.  As I used dried mash (shocking, I know, but . . .), it seems silly to rehydrate it and then add it, which is what I did on Saturday.  It will be easier to just mix the dried mash with the flour and add water the normal way, so I just need to work on proportions really.

Well, the kettle has boiled so guess what I am off to make.  Have a good day and it looks as if staying warm will be easier today.


Diane said...

The oven liners are brilliant you have made a very good investment.

Joy said...

I'm pleased withn them. I didn't realise they were as substantial as they are.
J x

Sonja said...

Sounds like you had a very busy, interesting and exciting day - lovely! :o)
Friday again - have a wonderful day - bet you are excited about picking up your car tomorrow. Fun! :o)

Joy said...

I am rather, yes. A bit worried about the first drive home and planning a few excursions out into the country to get used to things over the next several weeks, but excited all the same! :-)
J x