Sunday, 25 January 2015


There's another frost here this morning as I discovered when I pootled out to get some things from the freezer.  My goodness, it was cold.  It was nice to get back inside and shut the door again.

Yesterday was lazy but pretty good fun.  On my other blog I have decided to 'do a series' (ooooh, listen to me!) on lentil recipes.  Frugal recipes, using red lentils because that's what I happen to have in the cupboard, although next time I go to a shop that does more fancy pants lentils I will  get some green and/or brown lentils too.  Dried, not tinned!

So I spent the morning researching (which sounds more clever than it actually was) recipes and found a number that I think I would like to try.  I made Lentil Bake yesterday (delicious) and I am having a go at Spanish Style Lentils today, although that will go in the freezer for school lunches during the week.

Lentils can be a bit of a pain to cook as they slurp and gloop and need stirring to ensure they don't stick and burn.  However, I have discovered that Thermione does the perfect job as the stirring is continuous while they are cooking and the lid prevents any mess.

I've posted the Lentil Bake recipe on Teacher's Recipes and if the other is also good, I will post that too.

Apart from that I did a clean of the kitchen, not that you can tell now, and I popped out to do a bit of food shopping.  Not much because I'm trying to use what I already have for a while, but enough to keep things ticking over on the fresh and dairy side.

Now I am hoping that's me set up for the week.


Diane said...

If you love lentils check out

The Italians use a lot of lentils in fact they make the traditional new year menu.

Joy said...

Thanks, Diane! I will take a look and see.
J x

joanygee said...

Here's me doing things the easier way. Bring lentils to the boil, turn off and leave. Later on you'll find cooked lentils in the pan. Jx

Joy said...

You can do that with rice too, I know.
I think it would be OK if it was just lentils that were cooking but not with all the added veg and spices, etc. They would need cooking.
Fortunately, Thermione makes is all dead simple anyway!
J x