Wednesday, 7 January 2015


Good morning!  There's a heavy frost outside but, oddly, I was very hot overnight and removed the extra covering I had over the duvet.  Not sure why that should have been but maybe it was because I had a very restless night with stuff going round and round and round.

Yesterday was another good day.  Work went well, learning happened and it was their first swimming session of the year, all of which was fine.

Today, being Wednesday, is a bit more complicated with PPA in the afternoon, but it should be good.  After school I am off with another teacher to a meeting about the Infant Music Festival.  I had forgotten about this because I've never taught Y2 before.  The actual festival takes place later this term so the meeting is to go through the music and to be told how to learn the songs, etc - at least I presume it is.

I am a step further on to taking possession of my car on Saturday.  Temporary (free) insurance has been sorted and I have paid the remaining amount by Internet.  Not long to go now - and I MUST start clearing out my car!

Hoping all our days go well.


Diane said...

oh exciting times new cars are fun

Joy said...

They are. :-)
J x

joanygee said...

On tenterhooks waiting to find out about your car. Jx

Joy said...

:-) I can't remember what I said already/. I'll have to read back!
J x