Tuesday, 27 January 2015


Good morning, gentle readers.  It is another 'above freezing' morning with no need to even think about notching up the heating.  OK by me and even more OK by my pocket!!

As I thought, yesterday turned out to be fairly mild with some sun and some dismal, damp stuff.  Fairly predictably modern winter weather, in fact.  Today is expected to be more or less the same really.  Then, tomorrow, Armageddon hits.  Or so you would think, if you read the Daily Express.  With phrases like 'frenzied and volatile behaviour of the jet stream', 'screaming Arctic gales' and 'blizzards right through the first half of February' (Wot?  In Essex?), one would expect fun and frolics to come . . . until one remembers they predicted that last winter would be the worst on record.  Ha ha ha ha ha!

I bet we won't get even one snowday!

Yesterday I stepped into new territory, that of SATs.  Yesterday we had a SATs practise test.  It would be totally inappropriate to say how it all went so I won't, but it was all new to me.  Some would say I am lucky to have escaped this for so long.  I guess they are right.

Yesterday evening I received two pieces of good news which cheered me up no end.  Again, can't really say what as it's not my story to tell but I was so happy I went a bit tearful, soppy thing that I am.

Today is more of the same with swimming in the afternoon.  Nice but shame about the marking afterwards!

Today is turkey curry with rice for lunch and the rest of the Spanish lentils for dinner.  All home made and the curry is out of the freezer. There's a little bit of space in the freezer now and I must, I really MUST fight the impulse to fill it back up again.  That is NOT the idea at all!  No, no no!!!

Heading off to the kitchen now for the first coffee and a dishwasher unload.  Have a good day, everyone, and stay warm.


joanygee said...

I remember SATs all too well, another mountain of time-consuming, stress inducing bureaucracy. Good luck! How happy am I to be on the opposite coast, much milder temperatures here thanks to the Irish Sea and no icy continental influences. Jx

Joy said...

:-) Well, I have managed to avoid them for all of my teaching career so I guess it is about time I took my turn.
J x

joanygee said...

Whilst I was 'in' from the beginning, and ploughed thro' all the various versions. At least you have numbers in your favour (scuse the pun). I had 100s at a time. Good luck! Jx

Joy said...

J x