Friday 17 November 2023

Friday, 17-11-23

Good morning, everyone.  Friday already and time is flying!  Yesterday was supposed to be wet and nasty but, while it wasn't lovely, it remained dry which made it nicer for the lads.  Today is predicted to be lovely and sunny - I'll take that with thankfulness.

After a failed online class (connection wasn't great), I headed over to Chris for a good old natter and laugh.  It was nice to get away from all the noise and disturbance - I know it was unavoidable, but . . . 
I feel for my neighbours, I really do.

Thankfully, by later in the afternoon, the connection sorted itself out and the Teams meeting was undisturbed.  I kept quiet, listened and learned - appropriate for a newbie.

I was getting a bit stressed about the cost of it all yesterday - not just the garden room but the holiday and the extra expenses connected with that . . .  Daft really, given that I worked it all out very carefully and the money is there.
Then I remembered that this month is double pension month and winter fuel/cost of living payment month (or maybe December, but it's coming) and the wibbles went away again.
Come January, I plan a couple of minimum spend months to get everything back into balance again.

More spending - Lindsey very kindly got her suitcases down but they weren't really suitable for me to borrow so I will be looking further afield.  Maybe I will go to Dunelm today which is on the Clock Tower precinct where M&S and one of the three Aldi shops are (yes, three, no idea why), take a look in there and also do my food shop.  There's not much to get but I want to get a few M&S nibbles for Christmas Tree Day next weekend (not tomorrow).
Dunelm usually has fun Christmas things in which I'll enjoy looking at (but not buying!).

So, today is off to Slimming World, home for breakfast, off to the Clock Tower . . .  I do hope Seth doesn't need me to make any decisions!

Talking of Seth . . .

. . . he's the one on the left.

Putting in the frame.
Finished.  I guess it is now pretty much weatherproof.
Plastering today, perhaps?  Then that can dry over the weekend.

There's still a bit to do.  The electrics, the plastering, the painting, the units and goodness only knows what but really getting there.  Yay!!

I wonder if Dunelm does artificial plants - I want one or two for the room - I can't kill artificial ones, can I?

OK, better go.  I need to be dressed and ready when they arrive, after all.  Have a great Friday, everyone.  xx


  1. Ooh, it's looking so nearly finished, Joy! Yes Dunelm do artificial plants, quite a selection of them - at least our one up near the caravan does, I bought a few in there for the van. Oh and just for info, we got our Winter Fuel payment on 1 December last year, so it's certainly imminent. It's natural for you to have a few doubts about the cost of it all, but you wouldn't have done it unless you knew you could afford it, would you, as you're so very sensible. So no need to have wibbles. Fingers crossed for SW. xx

    1. Definitely off to Dunelm.
      Thank you for those kind words. It's been such a spendy year but they have been good spends, not wasteful spends.
      SW was great! :-)

  2. Try the charity shops for a suitcase, Tesco has had some nice artificial plants.

  3. It's nice to be able to start thinking of 'extras' for the garden room. x x x

    1. It really is. I was looking at hanging basket brackets this morning. Feels great. xx

  4. Quite the change on the room. I hope you find your artificial plants, and no you can't kill them (though they can get pretty dusty).

    God bless.

    1. I guess I can always hose them down!!
      Yes, I got some, thanks. I was really pleased with what I got too.

  5. Get a spider plant no one can kill one of those! An exciting time for you.

    1. LOL - sorry, Chris, but I can kill any house plant, believe me !!
      Yes, it is exciting. xx