Thursday, 9 July 2020


Good morning!
It's still raining here!  We've had quite a lot, not always heavy and not continuous but enough to soak everywhere and it doesn't appear to be going anywhere today.  The garden looks very happy and I bet the allotment does too;  I'm so glad I got the grass cut!

Yesterday went well.  Resumed tuition was fine, hedged around with hand gel and wipes.  PT was delivered online and my shoulder is much better, so much so that we are going to up the time a bit from now on.  We'd cut it to half an hour but I think it's ready to increase again.  I'll be careful!

I also had a good old chat with Chris later on in the afternoon.  Beth was supposed to come round earlier but she wasn't able to come.  Maybe today instead or, definitely, tomorrow morning as, bliss of blisses, Sharon is coming round to do our hair.  Fantastic!

That's tomorrow.  Today I'm off round to Jackie's for a chat this morning and it is the SW online Zoom meeting at five.
Between those times I want to tidy up the house because I won't have time tomorrow morning before the cleaners come and I still have that perishing ironing which is now assuming elephant in the room significance!  Given that there's a pile that needs washing soon, I really need to clear the basket.

So that's today.  It should be very pleasant, despite the unpromising weather forecast.  Sat safe and well, everyone.  xx


  1. good luck with the hair appointment I know I can hardly wait until mine on Monday.

    1. Thanks. I can't wait for tomorrow morning! Or, rather, tomorrow mid-morning, when it will be done.
      Same to you for Monday!

  2. I will have my hair cut on the 17th and can't wait.

    I'm glad to hear the tuition is working out. Was this outside again? I hope the PT goes well and it's good news that your shoulder is so much better.

  3. I have a pile of ironing to work on too. I should really get on with my morning, as I've a long list of chores to get on with :D X

  4. I hope you day goes well and you accomplish all you need to get done, Joy!

  5. Glad to hear that your shoulder is feeling better, Joy. Interesting that you have had so much rain. It is very warm and sunny here in California. Perfect weather to go swimming and sunbathing at the lake...