Saturday, 4 July 2020


Good morning, everyone.  Here I am, at Dad's PC, having rather stupidly left the tech bag behind!  It's damp and cloudy outside but I'm rather rejoicing inside because, assuming it's the same at home, it can only be good for garden and allotment!

Yesterday started off a bit wonkily.  I started getting flashing lights before the eyes, giddiness and a headache - possibly warning of a migraine.  I hardly every get these although Mum used to get them quite badly and Dad gets 'warnings' in the same way as I.  Several meds later, everything settled down, thank goodness.

There wasn't much to do in preparation for the cleaners and I got the place ready, some ironing (not all of it, sadly) and my packing done before tuition started.
Why have I never thought of using my garden for tutoring before?  It was really lovely out there, I enjoyed the session, my students enjoyed the session and it was all lovely!

I met another of my 'mums' on the way back from Morrisons  and she also tackled me about resuming tuition.  So we set a date.
I think I must contact the others too, to find out what they think.  I'm happy to adopt either my own 'rules' or theirs, whichever are the more stringent.

 I nearly forgot!  Another good thing.  In May, I bought some Premium Bonds for the first time in my life, so July was the first draw!  Yesterday, in my mailbox there was a message announcing 'You Have Won'.  No, not the biggie, but £25.  Not bad, eh?

The journey over was good and now I'm settled at Dad's.  I have absolutely no idea what the day will bring.  Not a lot, I expect.  There will be plenty of time to read Dad's paper (the Times) from cover to cover - all the bits that interest me, that is.  This afternoon, I'll probably go out for a walk.  And that's it really

Lazy days!


  1. Have a lovely lazy day I'm sure your Dad is happy to have the company

  2. Congratulations on you little win. X

  3. Congratulations on your win. I won some premium bonds (a competition prize) when I was nine and have never won anything on them!

    Hope you have a lovely day just being with your Dad. x

  4. Congratulations on your win.

    God bless.

  5. Thank you, everyone. I'm having a very pleasant weekend and yes, the win was a nice little surprise.

  6. My mum bought me £14 worth of Premium Bonds about 45 yrs ago and I've never won anything. Good for you that it happened.

  7. I have had some Premium bonds since 1992 and never had a win either! They must be right at the bottom of the pile by now.

  8. I’m glad you felt better as the medication helped,, that must have been scary. What great luck on your win!