Sunday, 13 August 2017


. . . and it is living up to its name.  The sun is shining bravely (and it's chilly), the windows are open (yes, chilly) and everything is fresh!  Yesterday was lovely, hopefully today will be the same.

I made great progress with the patchwork for the quilt yesterday.  The squares are all made (it's a 3 x 5 so I made 15) and I've stitched them together vertically.  I just need to do the horizontal joining now.  It's fitted remarkably well with only a few glitches.  Mind you, I didn't do much else (apart from planning) so this afternoon is loaded with all the other stuff .

I took this part way through yesterday.  It looks reasonably random which is what I wanted and it gives you the general idea.  It will be a duvet cover so no quilting.

So - today is . . .
bit more sewing
early allotment (I can now I have a key) for mowing and picking
bread making
an hour of tuition (a one off, because of me being ill)
more sewing

So a busy day but I'm going to enjoy the early morning first.  A shame it's not quite warm enough to enjoy my coffee outside but never mind, I gather warmer weather is coming and then we will complain that it's too hot.


  1. It looks lovely Joy and I must admit I fancy a go at this sort of thing but getting my machine out and set up takes up the dining room which is very inconvenient.

  2. The colours go so well together. Did you make a nine patch .block first then slice?

  3. Thanks, Diane. I'm pleased with it at the moment and I just hope I can make the other parts of it properly - the lining and the underneath part. And I'm not wondering about pillow cases! I have to search for sheeting now.
    I know what you mean about the sewing machine!

    Thanks, Rachel. I had my doubts about a few but when you see them all together, it looks fine. Yes, I made the nine block and then sliced half and half, moved them round so one stayed as it was, the next was a quarter turn, the next a half turn and the last a three quarter turn, then sewed up. All very random which is what I wanted.
    J x

  4. Looks fabulous and you can have the fasteners you want (I prefer press studs to buttons on duvet covers as I find buttons just so fiddly but sadly, all the duvet covers seem to come with buttons now :-( )

  5. :-) Thank you. I have to work out how I want to do the opening. Poppers are better but messy unless you have one of those popper-putter-on things. Buttons require button holes but can look stylish, especially if you use bigger buttons. Plenty of time to think about that though!
    J x