Saturday, 26 August 2017


Wasn't yesterday a beautiful day - warm and sunny but not uncomfortably hot most of the time.  A few more weeks of this would be great, please.  I got washing dried (three loads), I got grass mowed (allotment and home and it all looks so much better now) and it was just great.

The allotment harvest was amazing for very little work.  Loads of green beans (which are nearly over now), some baby corn (also nearly over), runner beans (still some to go) and courgettes (which seem to go on for ever and a day).  I also pulled three carrots from the meagre crop (a cat dug most of them up).
And this morning there are runner beans at home to pick and deal with.  Tell you what, we're not going to be short of runners over the winter months this year.

I was a bad girl yesterday though.  I only went an ordered a take away Chinese.  So much for frugality.  However, I so enjoyed it and I shall also enjoy the leftovers later on today and I don't care!  A treat now and again is a Very Good Thing.

This morning I read an email from a friend.  She's off on holiday and her allotment plot is producing tomatoes at a great rate.  Would I like to pick them while they're away (and some green ones for green tomato chutney, if I want).  Well, would I?  What do you think?  😀

I have another long list of things to do this morning, none of which will take all that much time, and the first is 'wash hair' so I'd better go and do it!

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