Monday, 16 January 2017


Good morning, everyone.  Wonder of wonders, I have only just got up - at about quarter to eight.  That's virtually unheard of in my world!  OK, so I've been reading for a while but even so, it's very late and it feels good.

Yesterday was lovely.  Well, the weather wasn't; it drizzled and mizzled all day and was very unpleasant but everything else was great.  Beth came over and we had broccoli and macaroni cheese for lunch which was absolutely delicious; I shall do that again because we both loved it.  Then we went off to Blake House Craft Centre.  The target shop was And Sew On, of course, me to get fabric for the quilt backing and Beth to get fabric for a double bed quilt she want to make, using some stuff she already has.  So we got what we wanted and then went into a new shop there, a yarn shop called Sconch, which wasn't there last time we were!

Oh, it was lovely.  The colours and textures were so beguiling AND they didn't cost an arm and a leg either.
What is lovely is that they do what they call 'Crafty 'n' Cake which is basically just what it says.  You turn up with your craft and they provide coffee and cake for two hours.  I'm definitely going to try that from time to time, although it's a bit of a distance to go.

What else is lovely is that already they are outgrowing the corner shop they have moved into and in a short time they are moving to a bigger unit in the centre - two and a half times the space, I think she said.

Another nice thing - despite the very unpleasant weather, there were loads of visitors to the centre which indicates a very successful concern at the moment.  I usually worry that these centres aren't making enough to pay their way but I think this one is pretty safe at the moment.

Then we came home again, Beth and I, and looked at what we had got.  The fabrics are now drying after being washed or in the machine.  We always preshrink rather than take the risk.  It's a bit of a pain when you want to get going, but necessary.  I can't get on with my quilt until the batting arrives and that also has to be washed first.  By hand, I gather, but blow that for a bunch of bananas, I'm doing it in the coolest, gentlest wash that my machine has to offer!

We had planned to have a crafting day today but she can't make it now so I shall craft alone - all together now . . . aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!  😉
I shall knit (I've nearly finished the shepherds), sew and do a bit of housework.  Nice.

Now it is time for coffee so, if you will excuse me, I shall sign off.  Have a good day!


Diane said...

Have a lovely crafting day keep nice and warm. How many orders do have for the cribs?

Joy said...

Thanks, I am. I have two orders right now with another possible. :-)
J x

Diane said...

That's lots of work but they really are lovely

Joy said...

Ah, thanks. I hope you still think so when I've finished yours and sent it to you. :-)
J x