Friday, 20 January 2017


Good morning, everyone.  Yet another sold and frosty morning out there and I gather we have several more to come in the next little while.  Unusually, I felt jolly cold overnight when I did my usual meander down the landing to the loo but I soon warmed up again once back in bed.

After a busy morning, I enjoyed my time in school with some very enthusiastic young readers before my two hours of tutoring.  Then I got on with the quilt which is just as well as I gather the baby shower is next Tuesday.  It's looking good though!

Today I will be rushing around getting things ready for my house sitter before I drive over to my parents' for a few days.  Should be fun!

I'm keeping it brief this morning as I have a lot to do.  Have a great day and stay warm.


Diane said...

Have a lovely busy day

Joy said...

:-) Thanks. And I hope you have a gentle, stress free day.
J x