Friday, 13 January 2017


Well, it snowed.  Not a lot, but it snowed.  It started while I was doing tuition and carried on for a good couple of hours, really heavy at times, which is why it started settling but the roads are clear at the moment.  I see that we are due some more between ten and twelve this morning but I will, hopefully, be safe and sound at a course (Monitoring Made Easy) and might not even see it, depending on whether the room has windows or now.

It was funny, the shrieks of laughter I heard from all around as I walked my pupil back home.  All the local littlies were clearly and noisily making the most of what was actually very wet and unpleasant snow!

Yesterday passes as Thursday's usually do.  I did work inside in the morning and went to school in the afternoon for reading.  I even did a bit of clearing up and sorting out as today is cleaners day!

As a governor, I get sent courses that match my 'profile'.  Most look jaw achingly boring but, at the time, the one I am going on today looked more helpful than most so I checked with the governor in charge of courses and booked.  I will be the first education course I've ever gone on where there are no heavy expectations for afterwards.  Yes, I have to feed back to the governing body, but that's all really.  No pressure.
It also helps that right next door there is a large car park!  I've checked the fees and they could be a lot worse.  I just have to make sure I have the right coins for what will be a four hour stay.

After that is it home to a (hopefully) clean house and a bit of prep for this evening's tuition session.

So, actually, quite a busy day!

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