Wednesday, 18 January 2017


Brrrrr - it is so, so cold today.  There's a hard frost out there.  I'm not surprised because yesterday evening, when I rushed out to take some sunset photos, one of which is now at the top, I was out for a maximum of three minutes and it took me about twenty minuted to warm up again!

After a comment yesterday from Annabeth about the Knitter Knatter Club, it set me thinking.

I learnt to knit at a very young age - about six or seven, I think.  I just watched my mum who, in the 1950s, like most women, made just about all our clothes both knitter and sewn.
As far as I can remember, I only made little things like dolls' scarves and other such trifles for quite a long time.  When I went to college I knitted some tops for myself and when I got engaged, I tackled my first Aran sweater for G, one which he wore for years and years - it was very hard wearing!  That got me going and since then I have usually had a project on the go.

When they first moved me into Y1 at school, I was given a very sparky class and, after we had done our historical project a few asked me how to knit (because that's what girls did in The Olden Days) so I showed them.

Two weeks later, a little lass turned up with a parcel.  When opened, it proved to be a scarf that she had painstakingly made for my teddy bear.  I had brought my teddy into school when they brought their teddies in and we had looked at the similarities and the differences.  This little lady thought my bear must be cold because most of the fur had rubbed off.  Wasn't that lovely?

Tubbelina still has that scarf round her neck.

So when I read about this new club, I just HAD to offer my help!

Today Beth is round and she's going to start cutting out for her quilt.  I'l looking forward to that.  It's also tuition later on and a governors' meeting in the evening.  Quite a busy day, in fact, but it should be good and I hope yours is good too.


Annabeth said...

Wow, fabulous sunset.

I'm sure you'll have lots of fun on Monday and I expect more will turn up just for knowing you're going to be there! ;-)

Now is a great time for knitters as it's become so popular, also You Tube has become my best knitting buddy when I'm not with the KnitterNatters as there are tutorials for just about anything. And then there's Ravelry, and FB, such as 'Everyday Knitter' ..

Chrissie said...

That looks like a pro photo of a sunset in some far off exotic land - gorgeous and worth freezing for! (says the one who didn't freeze ;-))
I only tried knitting once. It was supposed to be a small rectangle but in under 3 inches length it went from rectangular to... ? rhomboid ? something very non-rectangular anyway. So with typical (for me) perseverance I immediately decided I was congenitally incapable of knitting and put my needles aside for good. I have a similar story regarding crocheting...

Joy said...

:-) I am sure I will love it Annabeth. There's only room for ten in the club and I gather my extra pair of hands is much needed. A young friend told me she's a member and she's making a scarf for her doll so I will probably tell her about Tubbalina at some point!

LOL @ Chrissie. Yes, it was worth it. I got some more lovely shots this evening when we had a sunset sky that looked as if it was on fire!

J x