Thursday, 12 January 2017


Good morning, everyone.  It ain't 'arf chilly at the moment, it's real shiver creating stuff out there and I'm wondering whether folks in other parts have been visited by the white stuff yet.

Yesterday I was idling my way through some blogs by following the link at the top that says 'next blog' - a sort of pot luck meander through blogland - just for something to do; and any number of them had stopped suddenly.  No warning, one day there was a bright and breezy entry, often accompanied by a photograph, and then nothing.  I couldn't help wondering why.  Family disaster?  Sudden boredom?  Loss of Internet for a long time?  Personal catastrophe?

That occasionally happens to blogs I follow too.  However, more often than not I can see why.  The event is done, the writer has moved on, the blog doesn't sit easily in their new or changing life.  I do slightly grieve for the ones that have just stopped and even more for the ones I can't access any more.  I wonder if I have accidentally said something wrong in a comment or on my own blog or I worry for their well being . . . and I miss the regular visits.

Seems to me a blogger builds up a sort of relationship, not only with their readers but also, in a way, with the blog itself.  After a while it develops a sort of self perpetuating momentum, a part of the everyday routine.  It would take a fairly cataclysmic happening for me to just suddenly stop without any wind down or explanation.  I seem to be getting more readers now (which is nice) and there's a sort of sense of responsibility there.  If people can make the time to come in and read, then I should make the effort to give them something (albeit ordinary, mundane stuff) for their commitment.

Funny what you do and ponder on when you're not really feeling wonderful, isn't it?  I'm actually feeling a fair bit better today, thankfully.

Yesterday was a weird day.  I wasn't feeling wonderful so stayed indoors, cancelled tuition and didn't even get dressed.  So lazy!  In between feeling rough, I did a bit more patchworking and have now finished the front of the quilt  I'm quite pleased with it so far.  When I do the quilting, it will be fairly minimal - round the central squares, round the border and round each block - so should work fine.

What do you think?

I cancelled today's swimming yesterday so have the morning in before going to school for Y2 reading.  Then it is tuition and after that a lazy evening.  I must remember to charge up my hearing things and my laptop for a course tomorrow.

Ah - the kettle has boiled.  Coffee time and very welcome it is this cold winter's morning.  Have a good day and stay warm.


Carole R said...

Love the quilt. I have just dipped my toe, so to speak, in the world of quilting, it's a wonderful craft.

Joy said...

Well, it's not a quilt yet, it is just patchwork - but it will be.
What are you making at the moment?

J x

Carole R said...

I am making blocks via The Splendid Sampler (find on internet). It is a mix of blocks some patchwork, some embroidered, some applique and the rest proper quilt blocks - the latter are my most challenging and have only successfully completed a couple. Loving the learning process though.

Joy said...

I'll look it up, thanks. The learning is fun, isn't it?
J x