Monday, 23 January 2017

Monday (just)

I'm having a wakey night so thought I'd get this done early as I might not have the time later.  It's frosty out there and I'm a bit worried about the forecast of freezing fog as I have to drive.  It's clear right now so here's hoping.

As I thought, yesterday was a quiet, gentle day.  Lots of reading and chatting and generally taking life very easy.  I did the dinner and made a nice sauce to go with the ham - if you have the old Reader's Digest book 'The Cookery Year', it is in there, p 119, I think.  It's actually a sauce to go with spare ribs but it makes a nice spicy partner for ham with a few adaptations.

Virtue being rewarded, I shall be taking some of the ham with me plus some left over lamb from Saturday.  Nice!

I pass a large Aldi on the way so I think I will pop in and get a few bits and bobs that I need.

It will be a rush shopping put away and then I'm off to Knitter Knatter at school.  When that's done I shall be finishing off that quilt.  I've checked instructions for 'hand binding' (which is half machine really) so I know exactly what I need to do and it should be all finished by the end of the day, leaving me time to make a nice little matching bag to keep it in or use as a shopping bag, I don't mind.  I wish more friends were having babies as I have really enjoyed making this gift.

While quilting, I will also be making bread; one for my friend, one for this week and one for the freezer.

I'm in charge of my own food again from lunch onward so . . .
B:  toast and apple
L:  something or other - whatever is in the fridge
D:  probably the lamb with assorted veg as it ought to be used up.

Have a great day and, if it does turn foggy and you have to be out, take care and stay safe.


Diane said...

It is perishing here with a thick hard frost. I need to go out today but will leave it to warm a little first so may be lunch time!!!!

Joy said...

You might have to wait a long time. It's staying very close to zero here with freezing fog. Not a bad journey but I had to take care. Hope you manage to get out.

J x