Tuesday, 3 January 2017


Well, it's all over now, bar the tidying up.  New Year is over and done and 2017 is well under way.

I've started clearing some of the decorations.  The flower 'arrangements'(aka chuck 'em in a vase and see) are dying and will see the compost heap today, always assuming I want to risk frostbite to do so!  The (artificial) wreath is off the front door too.  Today I will sort out all the candles.  I'm hoping that by Epiphany, which is Friday, all that will need taking down is the Christmas tree - and I might leave that until Sunday when Beth and Al will probably be here to help.

I got on with my knitting quite well yesterday evening and have about 3/4 of a shepherd knitted.  There's the making up on top of that, of course, and I am undecided as to whether I make up as I go or leave it all to the end.  It's nice to see progress but, on the other hand, it takes up much more room once made up.  I think I might do the latter.

Hopefully it is back to normal with the old food as well.  Back to planning and frugality most of the time.  Back to swimming, which has taken a back seat recently.  Back to saving up leftover money for next Christmas.  And next week, back to tuition too.  The circle of life continues in all ways..

As I type, I am looking at my pound coin tin.  The round coin is being replaced, of course, by a rather handsome, twelve sided, bimetallic affair with lots of security features.  I wonder how that is going to affect the supermarket trolleys.  After many years I now have a token that goes on my key ring so I am now never in need of a trolley coin so fingers crossed that they produce tokens for the new shape too.
As for the cash in the tin, I shall just have to make a point of using it/replacing it as I can.  I have until September, I gather, and after that the banks will change any random coins that turn up.

Today is a normal day.  Housework, some tidying up, some quilting (planning size and maybe cutting out) and knitting.  Doesn't that sound nice and normal.  And there's no underlying knot of worry about going back to school and thinking of all the things that still need doing.  The most worrying thing on my plate right now is the car service tomorrow and whether they will find anything expensive (don't think they will) but I have money tucked away for that so it's not major - lucky me.

Today's food:
B:  granola and natural yogurt, apple
L:  curried parsnip soup, orange
D:  mixed pulse stir fry (I'm going vegetarian today)

Have a good day and, please, mind how you go.  It is very icy out there.


Diane said...

Have a good one Joy I am in the same boat clearing tidying and organising after the holidays but at leas the sun is shining here

Joy said...

It was here too but seems to have faded a bit - oh, no, here it is again. Cold but pleasant.
J x