Sunday, 15 January 2017


Cold but not icy, wet, dark and gloomy.  What a lovely winter morning!!!

Yesterday was a day when very little happened.  I ended up having a PJ day but I'm not sure it was any help.  It sort of sets my mind in a certain way.
So I knitted and I knitted and I read and I watched some telly and . . . well, you get the idea, don't you?

Today Beth is over and I'm making broccoli and macaroni cheese for our lunch.  That will be good.  I am baking bread this morning and Beth and I have plans to discuss together.   Should be fun.  I wonder if we might take a trip to And Sew On too.  Maybe, maybe not.

I've realised I have forgotten to post about my food recently.  Sorry to anyone who is following them.

B: toast and pate - the pate is an unopened pot that I bought for Christmas and never used. It is out of date tomorrow so I've frozen the rest in single portions.
L:  broccoli and macaroni cheese as mentioned above, with a tomato salad.
D: I have some left-over veg/tomato mix to use up so I'll cook some rice or orzo to have with it.
Plus assorted fruit.

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