Thursday, 22 May 2014


Getting bigger!
Isn't it weird how the little things can cause so much happiness?  For example, we didn't have a staff meeting yesterday because we (those of us who could) were expected to attend a something at the local grammar school after school this evening.  I think it is called Teachfest, or something similar.  I've learnt over the years that events with that sort of title are usually not anything like as interesting (or helpful) as the name indicates but, dear me, never mind, we were expected to go so go we would!

However, when we (collective 'we') phoned to let the organisers know, thery said that it was a secondary based event so guess what - we don't have to go!  I am ridiculously happy out of all proportion to the reason.

I think it is mostly because it's the last day of the half term today (I haven't mentioned that before, have I?) and on the last day one tends to crash as the children walk out of the door into their parents' care.  However, one cannot crash if then one has to go to a Teachfest!!!  Now we don't!

Looking out of the window, I can see that it has obviously been raining overnight.  No hail as far as I can tell from the condition of the plants so maybe it was a waste of time moving all the seedlings under shelter yesterday evening.  Better safe than sorry though!  It feels colder though and there's quite a breeze blowing which should keep things fresh.

Yesterday was warm but not unpleasantly so although it did keep coming over all humid.  It was another good day and I am expecting today will be too.  Everything has been planned and is ready and we have a PE lesson after playtime which always goes down well.

And then the report writing starts.  Ho hum!


joanygee said...

Hooray for extra things you are released from attending! Jx

Joy said...

Hooray indeed. I was happy out of all proportion to the situation. And now half term has started. Bliss.
J x

Anonymous said...

Oh no, not half term, I'll have to start watching what I write because I don't get away with anything when you aren't working ;-)
Cider Lass

Joy said...

< evil grin >
J x