Friday, 2 May 2014


 . . . already!  Friday seems to come round so often nowadays, doesn't it?  Once every seven days, amazingly.  I'm sure it used to take longer to reappear.

Anyway, here we are at Friday and it's a bit chilly, rather windy and extremely overcast.  Yesterday was extremely wet at times and playtime was a shall we/sha'n't we situation.  We did and we got wet but the children seemed happy enough to dodge the raindrops.  I was amazed at how many came to school without coats though.

I met my student's external mentor yesterday afternoon as she was in to observe and generally see that eveything was going well.  It all went well and I hope T went home happy.

After school there was an important meeting which was good but quite long so that it was a bit of a rush to finish everything off and then get home, freshened up and out again because it was my second meal out at the Hare this week, this time with Linda, Julie and Carolyn.  We had a lovely time, lots of chat and chuckles and some tasty food to help us on our way.  I stuck to the smaller plate meals as I always do nowadays, finding them better for both my pocket and my enjoyment.  In fact we all did this time.  Something they have started doing is selling sparkling water in their own carafes with a 'free' top up.  You're still paying for water, I know, but it's quite nice and a lot better value than a diet coke or whatever.  I must have been quite dehydrated because I drank nearly two carafes of the stuff and wasn't meandering down to the loo all night long!

So now I'm awake after one of the best nights' sleep I have had in a long time and there's one day before a long weekend.  It feels fantastic.  The planning is done and printed out so that's off my mind and I can focus on preparing and starting to Live Below The Line for five days.  I read on one of the blogs about someone starting a simple sourdough starter (that reads oddly, sorry) and using it two days later and it was OK.  I'm not sure about that and think that I will stick with my delicious and conventionally made little loaf but made with plain flour because you can by that in value bags!  However, I know Diane has made sourdough bread and it's something I do want to try at some point.

If you'd like to support me as I do this and help me to raise money for ActionAid, you can do so here.


Diane Epps said...

good luck with the sourdough bread it is pretty time consuming as it rises rather slowly.

Joy said...

I gathered that from what you said when you were doing it. It would be more a fun thing for me really.
J x