Sunday, 18 May 2014


I have made:
two loaves of bread
a cross my fingers and hope soup (in other words, will it or won't it be nice?)

And for lunch:
some pasta
some chickpea and cheese not-meatballs
some very tasty tomato and veg sauce (for the chickpea balls and pasta)

. . . only to be reminded that Beth and Al won't be round for lunch today.  Ah, well, never mind.  None of it will be wasted, that's for sure!  I just feel a  bit of a prune - but I have had fun!


joanygee said...

Chickpea and cheese sounds good. Wonder what kind of cheese you would recommend? Am always on the lookout for ways to use chickpeas, they are always in my store cupboard. Jx

Joy said...

I used what I call not-parmesan. In other words the value hard Italian cheese that is vegetarian friendly, unlike the 'real' kind.
I have to sample the finished product first but if it's OK I will post the recipe on the other blog!
J x

Joy said...

Eeeek - it was butter beans, not chick peas. Sorry!
Anyway, they were yummy, I love the link you sent and I've posted the recipe. And I bet you could use chick peas
J x