Thursday, 29 May 2014


I've woken to yet another damt, dark, dismal morning.  To be fair, it doesn't appear to have been raining but some sun would be really nice, if you please.

I didn't do what I planned to do after all yesterday.  After Sharon had sorted out my hair (shorter and, I think, very nice)and Beth's, B and I decided we would go to Argos together to get some stuff and then we went into Next to order those bedside chests that I should have bought last year.  Luckily the price as the same and even better, they will deliver them on Saturday.  I also managed to get enough hearing aid batteries to last me until Christmas, I should think, so that's a bit of a niggle off my mind.  I get through about one a week on average.  They last for around a fortnight but I have two aids, and my dread is that I totally run out so I try not to cut it too fine.

Then we trundled into Pizza Hut for one of their buffet lunches and had a delicious time.  By the time we got home again I was in no mood for school so I didn't.  However, I did check the diary first and I can go in on Friday so that's OK.

Well, better check my mailbox and do the usual internet rounds.  I'm going out at ten so need to have done everything before then.  Have a good and, hopefully, dry day!


Diane Epps said...

I too start my day with a plan of sorts but more often than not it goes wrong not necessarily badly but not as planned. Flexibility is the name of the game.

Joy said...

Absolutely right, especially in holiday time. Flexibility rules.
J x