Friday, 23 May 2014

Saturday (I nearly wrote 'Sunday' here)

A trio of mints.  From left to right, chocolate mint, bog standard mint, apple mint.  All delicious.

And oh, what a splendid day I had yesterday.

Waking in my own time (early), a leisurely get up, time to tidy the house before Lenka arrived without getting hot and bothered, then off to Wyvale to have lunch with my best friend (aka Beth).  After a scrummy lunch and a great chat, Beth went off to pick Alex up from school and I meandered around Wyvale, picking up some bits and bobs as I did so.

Then it was home, James (does anyone say that nowadays?), to a lovely clean (and tidy, for a change) house, a potter around the garden planting out some geraniums and getting the thyme out of a pot and into its final growing place (long overdue), pulling out weeds that dared to show their  faces and generally sorting things out.

While doing this I had an idea I really should have had ages ago.  My middle bed has stuff that comes up at different times and I can never remember what or when so it's all getting rather ragged..  So once a fortnight I intend to take a photo of each side as a record of exactly what (and where) plants are in that particular bed.  to help me remember to do this I have put a reminder in my diary!

Then I opened a bottle of sparkly white stuff and enjoyed the remains of the take away Chinese from Thursday.

Sheer bliss.

Less satisfactory was writing part of three reports and then completely losing them.  Grrrrr.  At least I tried!

Today it is raining - not the violent, lashing and crashing storms we were predicted earlier in the week which never came but a steady dowenpour with no rain which is declarting its intention to hang around for a while.  That'll be no George then.  Fortunately, the garden is in reasonable order so there would nopt be an awful lot for him to do and a steady downpour is just what is needed, especially round the front where I never water.

Better go and pour my coffee from my Saturday pot of caffeine!


Beth said...

Great to catch up. That coffee cake was amazing wasn't it? Round tomorrow as usual!

Joy said...

That coffee cake really was fab. Filling too!!!
See you later!
J x