Friday, 30 May 2014


Lots of good things and one two bad things.

Good things:
It was sunny yesterday.  Really and truly sunny with real sun and a blue sky and cheerful warmth.  Fantastic!
Another grafted tomato arrived.  I bought this purely from curiosity - it was expensive and I don't need it but then how many of the things I buy do I actually really need?  Not many.  It intrigued me as it's a black tomato.  Photo borrowed from the internet!  I will pot it on today and we shall see.
Unusual: The jet-black variety is said to be healthier than its red cousin as it has more anti-oxidants

I went out with friend Liz who took me to Freeport Designer Village as I've never been there.  We mooched around some lovely kitchen shops (buying nothing) and then into the Hotter shop where I paid more that I ever have done before for a handbag that was actually more than half price off.  I look at it and thing 'what makes you so expensive?' because it's nothing fancy, just a nicely designed little bag.
Seth turned up and now my tayberry is in the ground.  I mentioned this in my extra blog yesterday but it's a Good Thing so it's on the list.  Now I have my fingers crossed that it is happy there.
I have a little passion fruit plant that has been in a mini pot for much longer than it should have been.  I'm surprised it is still alive, to be quite honest.  Yesterday I finally managed to get my act together and plant it!  Again, my fingers are crossed for it.
The dwarf beans have finally germinated.  Again, I mentioned this yesterday!

RIP little cucumber plant.  I don't know what has happened but yesterday afternoon when I looked at the little cucumber plant that Dad brought over several weeks ago it had just collapsed.  It's gone floppy and if it wasn't tied up against a cane it would be lying flat on the soil.  It was fine yesterday and I have absolutely no idea what's happened but I'm sad because it was doing so well.  I wonder if it is worth going to Wyvale to see if they have a replacement (preferably a grafted one) - I was so looking forward to fresh cucumber this summer.  No, I've just remembered, I have two gherkin style plants in little pots that can also be eaten fresh (the fruit, not the pots).  Maybe I should give them a go and see.

Just discovered another bad thing - greenfly on the lupin.  Where are the ladybirds when you need them?

Today?  Well, several bits and bobs on a list of Things To Do and then into school. Then reports.  That's the day planned out really.  Must remember to take the laptop and the security fob!

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