Wednesday, 21 May 2014


The chives are beautiful this year.

We had wall-to-wall sun shine most of the day yesterday with just a little worry first thing when it looked very threatening.  However, the juniors got their walk down to the stadium, sports day and walk back in glorious sunshine.  At home time it started raining again and got very humid but again it all disappeared.  We're very lucky as I gather other parts have had massive storms and torrential rain.

Despite the change in routine yesterday, the day went really well although the children were singularly unimpressed at having to do maths in the afternoon.  However, they brightened up when I took them out for five minutes on the adventure playground before settling for more work.  As we went out we met the other Y1 class coming in after doing the same thing.  Great minds and all that stuff.

Because the day was all muddled up, I found myself doing two extra playground duties but it was just infants and the weather was so good that it was a pleasure.   And tomorrow will be my last morning duty of the year as next half term is my time off.  Excellent.

Today is a straight teaching day now that my student has gone back to his school so no mentor time needed.  It's lovely being back in and teaching again as I think I might have mentioned once or twice in the last few days.  

The sun has got his hat on and I'd better go and have my bath and get ready for another day.  Two more to go before half term (and reports!).  Days, that is . . .


Sonja said...

The chive flowers really are beautiful,I hadn't realised that chives flowered like this.
Lovely that you have your class back today! Only two and a half more days till half-term is great, too!
Have a lovely day.

Joy said...

One and a half. Friday is report writing day! Yay!
J x