Friday, 23 May 2014

Friday . . .

. . . and half term has started!  So why am I up so early?  Because I don't HAVE to be!  I know that doesn't make entire sense but when has that ever bothered me?  :-)

Yesterday was, again, a lovely day, not as hot as previous days but still loads of sunshine and any rain we had was sensible and avoided playtimes.  Apart from a few drizzly moments, the main rain was after school when it really did pour mightily for a short time, soaking the garden nicely, before it eased off and the sun emerged.  By the time I came out of school it was glorious again.

So - today.  First day of the half term break.  Ten glorious days and if I stick to my resolution of doing three reports each day, they will be virtually finished by the time I go back.  That would be a first for me.  You never know.

Apart from that I want to go to Wyvale/B&Q to get stuff including grow bags.  I don't normally use growbags but I bought some plant pots that go in growbags on my father's recommendation and intend to plant extra tomatoes - the ones I raised from seed.  I thought I could have a jolly good nosey around while I was there and I doubt it will be that busy on a Friday.

And then I shall spend some time in the garden!
A rather scruffy picture!


joanygee said...

Enjoy your freedom. Jx

Joy said...

Oh, I am, thanks, believe me! :-)
J xxx

Sonja said...

Sounds lovely, Joy! Hope you had a good time at B&Q and found some useful things. :o)
Three reports a day sounds very manageable - great idea to aplit them up like this and it should still leave you time to enjoy pottering, gardening and other things every day. Hope it all goes well! :o)
Have a wonderful half-term! :o)

Joy said...

:-) Not such a good start as you will see from today's blog. Most frustrating! But I got my bits and bobs and the battle of the slugs and snails is now going my way again!
J x