Saturday, 3 May 2014


A montage of some of the stuff for the next five days!

. . . and off we go.  Five days of eating for a maximum of £1.00.  Quite a lot of fun (because I like cooking), I won't go all that hungry really, I realise it is a totally artificial situation but, big but, Beth and I will hopefully have raised around £400 (plus gift aid) for our chosen charity, ActionAid as well as reminding ourselves how amazingly, incredibly lucky we are.

Yesterday was spent either preparing or snoozing.  I will let you guess which took more time!  I made my one loaf and one roll, I made my oatcakes, I had a go at rice crackers and we will say no more about it, OK?  I made an absolutely scrummy potato topped pie from vegetables that will need using up - spring onions, red pepper, mushrooms and tomatoes - plus some scraps of beef and a sauce made of the stock from boiling up the rib, some philly light, some beef granules and some thickening granules.  Oh - and I used instant mash and I don't care - it tastes jolly nice if you use sea salt and butter too.  Sorry, Diane!

Today's culinary delights are as follows:  Porridge with yoghurt and jam, then baked beans on toast and oatcakes with soft cheese and jam and then dinner is vegetable chilly and rice followed by tinned pineapple and yoghurt.  I will miss my coffee but it won't be a cold turkey miss as I've been on decaf ever since last year's LBTL.  Headaches should be few.

I know my lovely readers are tired of seeing this but - please do sponsor me.  Here's the link.

Finally, because I almost always mention it, brrr, it's very cold again today with another frost.  Thankl goodness (yet again) for good strong walls, a roof over my head and radiators that work.
And now I am off to make my breakfast!  And Beth's bread.

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