Thursday, 1 May 2014


Pinch and punch and White Rabbits for the first of May!

It's surpringly chilly this morning as I discovered when I poittered out to the shed for a few bits and bobs.  It also looked very like rain but, surpringly, the sun is trying the break through so you never know.  I'm on playground duty today, morning and afternoon so maybe I will get lucky!

Yesterday went well.  That's about it really, nothing special but a pleasant day all round.  Here's to today!


Sonja said...

Lovely to hear you had a pleasant day, I am so glad.
It's a public holiday here today (Thursday) and there have been a group of male singers singing nearby - they are very good indeed! Helps with working when one has lovely to things to listen to! :o)
It's cool, dull and cloudy here - very welcome I have to say. :o)
Have a super day!

Joy said...

Hi, Sonja!
It certainly does help with working, I agree. I'm very glad you have comfortable weather.
Take care
J x