Wednesday, 7 May 2014


Day four.  Nearly there now. Six more meals to go.  It really hasn't been all that terrible, thanks to careful planning and a supply of garden veg but I am missing things like my morning coffee.  Not the caffeine, just the flavour and the aroma.  It's habit, of course.

So here's yesterday's delights.

It was:
Breakfast: porridge made with mostly water and just a little milk to start off the creamy texture with a dollop of yoghurt and home made jam.

Lunch:  the second half of the ginger stir fry rice (no egg) with mixed vegetables and chicken bits (from a carcass the butcher gave me ages ago now)

Dinner:  A carrot, cumin and kidney bean burger in a roll which was toasted and spread with soft cheese plus some fries made in Handy Andy.  I cut them fine so it looked as if I had more than I really did.  I meant to grate some carrot as well but forgot.

I didn't have room for desserts although they had been planned.  Somehow yesterday's meals were all very filling.

After a damp start everything cleared up and it really was a lovely day.  When I got home I saw that the growhouse had blown over (I should have tied it down on Sunday!) so I sorted that out and then did the usual evening things.  Seth came round to look at some work I plan to have done so he can quote me on it.  Then an early night meant that I was awake ridiculously early this morning but I did manage to doze for a while before getting up.

Today should be a full day teaching but it isn't because of my student so it's a full day observing and commenting.  Then it is staff meeting.

Just a normal day really!


Sonja said...

Lovely food, Joy - but I can well believe how you must miss coffee! It's great the way you have planned it all, really good.
Hope you had a good day with your observation.
Here's to a good day today! :o)

Joy said...

It all went well, thanks, Sonja. I can't believe today is the last day!
J x

Sonja said...

Great, but no I can well believe you can't believe it is the last day - this week really has raced by, I mean they all seem to, but this one particularly for some reason.
Hope you're having a good day.

Joy said...

They're speeding past at the moment.
J x