Monday, 12 May 2014


It is with a sense of relief that I look out of the window to see that the wind has died down somewhat.  It still looks dull and cloudy but things might brighten up later.  Let's hope so, anyway!

It's been a really super weekend.  Hard work at times, but most enjoyable.  Everyone's gone now, John back to Scotland and my parents  hopped back to the next county.

For Sunday lunch I slow roasted some brisket that was so tender that it was impossible to carve so we all made the best of it and ate chunks that melted in the mouth, mixed with a most flavoursome gravy.  With it I served Yorkshires, roasted potatoes, carrots, sweet potato and parsnips (the last of Beth's allotment parsnips), purple sprouting broccoli and sweet corn.  It was all very tasty!  The Yorkshires were huge though and I think next time I must reduce the quantity of batter.

So it's back to school for another Monday made different because there's no violins.  I'm so used to starting the week off with violins that it feels odd, as will Wednesday when it IS violins.  It adds some sort of variation to life, I guess!

Hope the day goes well for you all.

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