Saturday, 3 May 2014


Three cheers.  It's a long weekend and it does feel ridiculously good.  That one extra day makes all the difference and I reckon we should have long weekends every week!  It's still dark so I have no idea of the weather bit it doesn't feel particularly cold.

My kitchen is smelling wonderful.  Not only have I had some chicken bnes simmering in the slow cooker for the last couple of days, last night I had a rib of beef (cooked before I bought it from Mr Chapman's, a whacking great big lump of meat for just one rib) and not only do I have plenty of meat for tonight (or lunch), I also have the fatty and boney remains simmering in a roastingdish in the oven, making a tasty stock.  So the house smells wonderful!

Today is a busy day.  No, not busy exactly, more like full.  I shall be clearing the fridge as much as possible and cooking/baking as much as I can before LBTL starts tomorrow.  I do like to feel prepared!  Today's meals will likely all be leftovers because I'm not going to waste any more than I can help!

So it's bread and oatcakes, a new batch of yoghurt and some leek and potato soup and then I'm having a go at using some of the manky value rice to make rice crackers.  I have absolutely no idea whatsoever how it will work out, it is all invention and pot luck so fingers crossed, please!

I won't reproduce my menu plans here as you will read enough about them over the next five days and anyway they are here  (scroll down to find the relevant entry).

If there's any time left over from the most important work of chilling out and relaxing, and weather permitting, I might do a bit of garden pottering too.  That would be nice.

Edited later to add:  I was wrong - it's bloomin' cold outside with frost on the cars.  Brrrrrr . . .


Sonja said...

It sounds as if you have a lovely, relaxing long weekend planned, Joy - hope the rice cakes work out. :o) Your house must smell wonderful with all the cooking going on - yummy! :o)
It's cold and wet here - perfect for me - and I have a busy weekend ahead translating.
Have a lovely three-days!

Joy said...

It does rather, Sonja. I'm now onto the leek and potato soup for Thursday and that's also smelling rather good. Mmmmmm
I think it's going to make more than I expected so enough for a snack at a hungry time, perhaps.
J x