Tuesday, 27 May 2014


Oh, my, yesterday was such a lazy day in some ways and in others it wasn't.

For a start I had a PJ day (actually a nightie day) as I just couldn't be bothered to get dressed.  I lounged about all day hoping that no-one would come to call.  I didn't even put in my hearing aids until I turned the telly on.  Now that's lazy.

On the other hand I made two loaves of bread, two and a half pots of red onion marmalade and eleven delicious little meringues from egg while left over from the weekend.

I did more reports.

I sorted out the fridge


I had several snoozes; it must have been the 'catch-uo on sleep' day I always seem to have at the start of a break but delayed a bit.

I watched rubbish telly (and fell asleep).

I - er - used some red wine in the onion marmalade and, as eny fule kno red wine goes off quickly so I didn't give it the opportunity!

Today is a busy day - into town and then into school.  I've slept well all night and could do with a bit more sleep now so maybe I will pop back upstairs in a little while seeing as it is quite early.


Sonja said...

I like the new banner on your blog! From your garden, I expect? Looks lovely!
Lots of snoozes sounds good and just what the doctor ordered I would think.
Hope you have another lovely, relaxing day today and that the reports go well. S.xxxx

Joy said...

Thank you - yes, it's from the garden. :-)
J x