Friday, 16 May 2014


Yes - Friday today.  Excellent.  The planning is all done and even printed off and while I know I have to do some work on the school reports, it feels good to think that there are two days of freedom and the sun will shine (I sincerely hope).

I forgot a photo in yesterday's garden update.  It seem ridiculous that I have a couple of tomatoes already.  I bet they won't ripen until the others though!  It looks all bluey-green because it was taken in the grow house.

Yesterday I went in expecting to teach my class for an hour and I ended up teaching them all day except for the time before play.  It was lovely to be in front of the class again and I think I will enjoy next week very much indeed.  It's been great having my student and he's done extremely well, but it is my class and I have missed them!

Today, being Friday, is SEN day and I have two lots of paperwork to write up in the morning followed by a meeting in the afternoon.  Then - FREEDOM!


Diane Epps said...

Your fruit and veg seems to be much further advanced than mine but I know I have not given mine the care it really needs due to other commitments.

Joy said...

I'm wondering if mine is too early now !