Tuesday, 20 May 2014


Looky look - I have chilli peppers!

. . . and here's the baby cucumber plant - no baby cucumbers yet though!

Yesterday was so lovely!  Wall to wall sunshine, warm and not at all humid.  Afternoon playground duty was a joy.  And to cap it all, I slept like a log.  Can't do better than that!

Today started off beautifully too.  More sun and it looked so promising.  I popped out into the garden to take a few photos and it started raining!  Where did that come from (no need to answer!)?  I'm hoping it's very temporary as the juniors are walking to our local stadium for their sports day this morning.

Today is a bit topsy turvey as PPA is this morning, not this afternoon.  When something as routine as that changes it's a bit disorienting, but I'm sure we will survive.  :-)

Come back, sun.  All is forgiven!

And it just has!


Sonja said...

Sounds like you have had beautiful weather and long may it continue. It is very humid and hot here and is supposed to hit 33°C tomorrow! :o(
Love your chilli peppers! Hope the baby cucumbers will start soon.
Have a lovely day. S.xxx

Joy said...

33 is very hot, Sonja - take care.
J x